The ferryboatS

Part of the Ferryboat Campsites experience is a journey across the Susquehanna with the on-site Millersburg Ferryboats, likely the oldest public transportation system in America. Learn more about this historic part of our campground!

The Millersburg Ferryboats have been traveling back and forth from Millersburg to the Ferryboat Campsite location since 1817. It is probably the oldest public transportation in the United States. Ferryboat Campsite at one time owned the ferries.

In the beginning, the Millersburg ferries were poled across the Susquehanna River by hand. This method of propulsion came to an end in 1873 when it was replaced by a steam-powered side wheeler called the Enterprise. Gasoline engines replaced this even later.

There were periods, during the long history of the ferry, that the volume of traffic required as many as four ferryboats on the line. Today, the boats, (the Falcon and the Roaring Bull) each carrying a maximum of four cars plus passengers, provide a uniquely scenic and relaxing ten to twenty minute ride for the enjoyment of tourist visitors.

The ferry operates Friday-Monday 11am-dusk, connecting routes 11/15 and 34 on the western side of the river to routes 209 and 147 at Millersburg on the eastern shores. It travels in water depths of about four feet on a course over 1 mile long.
*Operating hours & days are subject to change due to the availability of a crew & weather/river conditions*

Things to knoW

  • Please note: the Millersburg ferry does not transport RV units and only has limited seasonal hours.

  • You can learn more information about the Millersburg Ferryboats by visiting their website.

  • There are some great destinations on the other side of the river too! Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, The Wooden Nickel, Armstrong Winery, Max's Bar & Grill, and Riverfront Park are all worth a visit.